About Us

Brent and I started this adventure back in 2015 when they were going to farmers market selling our hydroponic tomatoes. It was a rainy, cold October 31st day. We had decided since he loved cooking that because we had so much space and very few tomatoes left to sell, let's fill up our space with baked goods! Well, it went well and we were able to go out for dinner that night! We started to come up with different ideas for the Winter indoor market with bread, cakeballs, ect and each time we wanted something unique that spoke to the customers. Within a few years we were outgrowing our kitchen and we looked at each other and decided we just needed more space AND we wanted to be licensed!

Soon we converted our two stall attached garage into a licensed kitchen and bakery. But we didn't stop there, we had learned that we LOVED cooking for others and started to do small jobs for friends and family. So we added the catering part in 2018. It wasn't long and we decided that we wanted to still expand and add chicken to give our customers something different than what others had to offer. There was quite a decision on if it would be fried or broaster chicken. We settled on Broaster- Brent won! SO just this last May 2021 we opened our carry out restaurant that serves not only chicken, but some of the best burgers, sides and daily lunch specials made from scratch.

Brent brings over 30 years experience of cooking and food management to the mix , while I just love to cook for others. I have owned and operated Kirkwood's SunCountry Produce raising hydroponic tomatoes for 29 years. We want to hear you tell your story of your special event through your choice in food that you serve. We want you to choose your favorite food to share with friends and family whether it be for a happy occasion or honoring a loved one that has passed. We believe in thinking outside of the box and we believe in quality in food. So come to us with your ideas and we can help you make them a reality!

We are located just 2 miles outside of Hopkinton, Iowa , in the rural area ( where I have grown up and lived all my life). Easy to find and hard to forget!"